Wichtige Information für Fahrzeuge ohne Sicherheitstanks - nur bei Rallyes in Österreich

Fahrzeuge ohne Sicherheitstanks müssen bei Rallys in Österreich einen Explosionsschutz im Tank haben. Wie ich erfahren konnte, soll ein Explosionsschutz bereits in einigen anderen Ländern bei den historischen Fahrzeugen eingesetzt werden. Bei technischen Informationen oder Bestellung des Explosionsschutzes in Österreich, wendet Euch bitte direkt an die Firma „Jansen Competition GmbH“.

Filling the fuel tank with explosion suppression material reduces fuel slosh in the tank. The formation of explosive gases is being prevented and a more stable fuel supply is achieved. All our safety fuel cells are supplied with yellow baffle foam (for petrol use) as standard. According to AMF regulations in almost all categories, in which no safety fuel cell is obligatory, the minimum requirement is the use of explosion suppression material in the fuel tank (either baffle foam or D-Stop). In order to function properly it is necessary to fill at least 80% of the fuel tank volume. We recommend carrying a copy of the sales invoice showing the amount of material that was bought with your car papers in order to avoid problems at scrutineering.


Suppresses explosions in the case of an accident. Volume displacement approximately 3%. Supplied by the litre. 

Part.No. PP00013:
Yellow Foam (for petrol) 

Part.No. PP00013B:
Blue Foam (for Diesel, Methanol, Water) 

D-Stop Material:

Aluminium balls according to American military specification and approved for motorsports use. Supplied by the litre.
Part.No. J739221


PP00013 per Liter = EUR 3,50 -5% Sportfahrerrabatt = EUR 3,33 Netto exkl. MwSt.
PP00013B per Liter = EUR 4,- -5% Sportfahrerrabatt = EUR 3,80 Netto exkl. MwSt.
J739221 per Liter = EUR 4,- -5% Sportfahrerrabatt = EUR 3,80 Netto exkl. MwSt. 

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